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Introducing Candle Living
February 11, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Pillar 7 Candles

This is the first sentence of Candle Living, the blog of Pillar 7 Candles. We will call this first posting Volume 1, Number 1. This is the second sentence and I’m writing it as a lead in to what I’m thinking about the very first sentence of this blog.

The first sentence makes me think about a habit I have. I’m certain many of you do too. That habit is the act of digging through drawers and closets at those periodic times in life where you decide that you must finally do some straightening and tidying up around the house or office. What typically happens is that you pull some item from the drawer, the closet or under the bed and you stand there for a moment and stare at it. You think to yourself “why am I keeping this thing around? I’ll never need or use this.” You throw it away with a feeling of satisfaction that you’re doing something positive toward a new lease on life. A fresh start we might say.

The time eventually comes when you realize and wish you had kept that item you tossed in the waste can last year. Then, you berate yourself and slap your hand to your head and say “I knew I should have kept that. How could I have been so stupid to throw it away? I should have known I would need that.” And so it goes.

One thing I regret not keeping is the first candle I attempted to make, late one night at home. I had been saving the leftover ends of dollar store candles from my house here in Olive Branch, Mississippi. I was saving them just for the purpose of making a candle someday. I hate to see things go to waste. Once I had accumulated a ziploc bag full of used up candles, I proceeded. I had no idea what I was doing. Looking back, I could have really hurt myself. I had the wax, a piece of twine, a sauce pan and my stove top. A plastic drink cup served as my mold. It burned for a couple of hours and ended up a melted mess on the bathroom vanity top. I was hooked.

This blog won’t be about making candles. We’re going to discuss how you can take something as simple as a candle and change the whole mood of your home and while we’re doing that, we’ll learn together how candles and fragrance can be used to change our own moods and feelings. Next month I’ll spend a couple of sentences on how a candle works. You’ll need to know that in order to properly care for your own candles. We’re not going to dwell on that. However, if you do want to make candles, just let me know and I’ll help you. I’ll post again next month and we’ll begin the Pillar 7 Candle Experience.

Quentin Laymon

Olive Branch, Mississippi

February 11, 2019

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