Pillar 7 Candles
Olive Branch, Mississippi

The Pillar 7 Candle Experience
A moment, no more than a few seconds, when a fragrance drifts through the air...

and we’re carried to another time and place. The scent may be a heavy, pungent, floral fragrance like that of our Island 40 Nectar fragranced candle or the damp, drippy, pleasantly lingering smell of the Gardenia. It could be your first encounter with our Kudzu Surprise scented candle and "The Vine That Ate The South". Perhaps it’s something as simple as the familiar scent of freshly mown grass on a hot and humid breeze in late summer. Scents and fragrances bring back memories. It's a fact. 

A scented, fragrant candle like the ones we handcraft and hand pour at the Pillar 7 Candle studio can evoke memories of a past event. At times the memories are pleasant. Sometimes they’re sad. They may be bittersweet.

At Pillar 7 Candles, we’ve always been fascinated by this. We delight in creating beautifully scented candles. We carefully handcraft each candle in our Olive Branch, Mississippi studio. You can relive your special memories. A Pillar 7 candle is more than wax, a little perfume and a piece of string. A Pillar 7 candle is an experience!

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